In-Person Drone Pilot Training

One of the best and fastest ways to drastically increase your piloting skills is through one-on- one, in-person flight training. Whether you just bought your first drone or have been flying for years, if you want to take your skills to the next level (or more) then we’d love to help you through personalized pilot training.

We have several options for you to pick from, based on your current skill level and end goal for the training. No matter what your choice, our individual flight training options are always customized to fit you. Therefore, the actual structure of the day really depends on what you want to learn and focus on the most. All of our coaching and training includes time flying our obstacle course. Students always attest that working through our course was one of the biggest factors in helping them with things like spatial awareness, flying skills, and overall confidence.

We know from experience that anyone wanting to master flight or turn their passion into profit must be able to fly extremely well, capturing difficult shots with difficult, smooth maneuvers. Practice, and lots of it, is certainly an important, necessary component. But nothing replaces face-to- face coaching and training from expert pilots who do it for a living. It will dramatically lower your learning curve and expedite your confidence.

Which Training Is For U?

All coaching & training is done in Albuquerque, NM.   You are responsible for all travel related expenses
to and from our location.