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"Colleges don’t even have or understand this industry like you all do. Kudos to all of you at Drone U!"

– Mark

"I’m sincere about how much Drone U has helped me in the development of my business."

– Joe

"Just landed two more jobs with a large construction firm. Thanks to the Drone U community, podcast webinars and especially Paul and Rob for all the great advice and knowledge. You’ve really showed me how to turn my passion into profit!"

– Chris

"The resources you guys have pulled together and provide are second to none."

– Nik

How does the FREE membership work?

Your free membership is exactly that…FREE. It does not expire, has no hidden costs and includes a whole lot of training, organized into our modules. Our mission is to make exceptional training, by exceptional experts at an exceptional value. Do I have to commitment to a certain time frame?

Do I have to commitment to a certain time frame?

Nope, not at all. You can upgrade, cancel or pause your account anytime and for any reason. It is simple, quick and easy to come and go as you need to. If you cancel before the end of the billing period, you’ll retain access until that period is over.

How often do you release new content?

Every week! We continue to release new training videos, reviews, resources and anything else we can think of that would help our community. If you want more training on something then you can just let us know and we often work to get that done for everyone.

Is your content more focused on beginner or advanced pilots?

Both, and then some. We try to do all we can to make it helpful to anybody at any point in their pilot growth curve. Our goal is to help you by lowering your learning curve, saving you money by avoiding costly mistakes and getting you to the next levels in your piloting faster than you can do it on your own. Learn from our mistakes and so many other expert drone pilots, editors, business operators, enthusiasts, videographers, photographers, etc. You name it, they’re in the community.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Our site has a ton of valuable information. If you want to join and check it out for a month that’s perfectly fine with us. But it wouldn’t be very fair, now would it, to just let you just go through the site, benefit from all the helpful info and then just cancel for nothing. We’ve committed to do all we can to provide you with the absolute best, most important to know info out there so you can lower your learning curve, saving you time and money. Trust us, we’ll save you far more than you’ll ever spend with Drone U.

Why do you have a monthly charge?

Because we feel this is the best, most flexible, focused and affordable way to learn. We hate models that charge by the class or resource. We want to give you access to it all, for one low price and for as long as you want it. In our case, you don’t get what you pay for…you get waaaaaaaaaay more.

What’s the big deal about “community”?

You will learn more from like-minded people and from those actually doing what they’re teaching than you ever can by attending a one-off class or on your own. Our community is extremely active and full of experts and enthusiasts who want to help each other get better. Trust us because we’ve been there, when you’re investing monthly to (in part) be in a community, you will find higher caliber pilots, more experts, an obvious desire to help others and far more applicable training.