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"Drone U offers a comprehensive overview of drone ownership, use and operation that I have been unable to find online. Even more valuable is the individualized attention that you get including specific answers to questions from experts you... Read More

– Wes

"I am rather new to the Drone game. Within the time I have been in the Drone U program, I have taken my flying to the complete next level. Not just the flight, but the tricks to getting the most out of my remote too! Within the time I have... Read More

– Bill

"As a student of Drone U, I cannot express enough how valuable my participation has been. The entire Drone U team is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The on-line webinars were entertaining and filled with an enormous amount of valuable... Read More

– Robert

"I’m ready to fly. For a beginner like myself, with no experience in flight or photography, Paul and the Drone U team have provided the necessary fundamentals for me to get started with confidence. From legalities, to safety and... Read More

– Andre

"The quality of the material has far exceeded my expectations."

– Phil

"Worth the money after just one webinar."

– Bruce

"I had a fly away drone, but I knew exactly what to do to get it back thanks to a tip from Drone U."

– Peter

"I paid for a course at another place that was a complete joke. I feel my money here was worthwhile as I learn things from seasoned pilots, much like an apprentice. I’d recommend DroneU to anyone!"

– Mark

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the classes. Things are starting to snowball for us with the drone right now. The info has been invaluable in teaching me how to explain things to my new clients. I am finally making money with my drone instead... Read More

– Bill

"I cannot say enough great things about Paul and the rest of the Drone U team. Paul is a wealth of knowledge."

– Doug

"I learned so much just from the Real Estate webinar; putting it into action. I will have my first gig within a few days!"

– John

"Going back and viewing the webinars. HOLY SMOKES!! Some very good info. I’m changing my insurance right this instant. After waiting 3 years to start actually recording, I’m so thankful to have found Drone U to give me that push!! My... Read More

– Kendon

"Thank you for all the info, you guys are the real deal. The info I've gotten already is worth the prices of membership."

– Christopher

"So far, I've only been a member for a matter of days and the service and community is just absolutely amazing!"

– Casey

"I would just like to take a minute and say Thank You to the whole DroneU team. All my questions have been answered, my insurance is in place and I now have my first paid shoot tomorrow morning, and then another one on Tuesday. Could... Read More

– Chris

"The site and community you guys have put together is second to none in the UAS space. Can’t wait to get more involved!"

– Steven

"The resources you guys have pulled together and provide are second to none."

– Nik

"Just landed two more jobs with a large construction firm. Thanks to the Drone U community, podcast webinars and especially Paul and Rob for all the great advice and knowledge. You’ve really showed me how to turn my passion into profit!"

– Chris

"You’ve hit upon the perfect formula for podcast and content. Love it!"

– Brent

"I just found you guys today and I must say I am blown away. This is really answering questions. I've been building and flying mini quads and I am super excited about making the transition to the professional video side of things. You guys... Read More


"I don't normally comment on good work, but as an Airline Transport Pilot as well as a Certified Flight Instructor with over 5000 hours of total time and 2000 hours of instruction given, I have to say that you guys have done an absolutely damn fine... Read More

– Andy

"I just want to say I am thankful for all the content Drone U provides. The class content, podcast content, and webinars lay a great foundation for understanding what I need to practice so I can produce awesome."

– Jon

"I’m sincere about how much Drone U has helped me in the development of my business."

– Joe

"As a person with a disability, Drone U really livens up my life and interests in drones each day!"

– Lloyd

"I really see the whole community to be the best, most informative place on the planet for UAV info. Please keep up the work!"

– Bill

"I gain more knowledge every time I watch a video! You guys are hitting the center of the target for this industry."

– Ron

"Colleges don’t even have or understand this industry like you all do. Kudos to all of you at Drone U!"

– Mark


– Shane

"Thanks so much to Drone U. Everything I know about drones I’ve learned here from all the great people that offer advice and lessons from their experiences"

– Grant

"I have been binge watching your YouTube channel and have found more useful information in the last two weeks than the previous 2.5 years of hanging out on forums. Your community service is appreciated."

– Sebastien

"We are in negotiations with one of the four major cell phone carriers to do tower inspections. I attribute this to the info Drone U has shared with us. Thank you!"

– Jeff

"I have learned so much this past month and it’ll be a tremendous help in getting my aerial photography/videography company off the ground."

– Josh