One thing to understand about Drone U is we’re communication “Ninjas!”  We hate places that suck at communicating, so know we WILL get back to you (assuming your message warrants a response).

That said, you also need to understand that we get a TON of requests, emails, messages, etc. every day from everywhere.  Although we love it, craziness can quickly set in. We used to be able to answer every single person fairly quickly. But since our time is a diminishing asset, we’ve learned that we have to be more realistic with our response times.

So don’t fret, we will respond to you, and we’ll do it as quickly as we possibly can.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.  When we do respond, you can also trust that it’s us and not some person in a land far, far away.

If You ARE A Community Member…

…and your question is regarding something other than your account (and it’s appropriate to post), then others in the community may be able to answer it much faster. You’d be amazed at how active and helpful everyone is in there. If, however, it does have to do with your account, or you’re unsure if it’s appropriate for everyone, then go ahead and submit it through the form below.

If You Are NOT A Community Member…

…then you’re missing out on the best drone community on the planet (one of our member’s words, not ours). You should check it out and see for yourself. It’s easy to join and you can cancel whenever you want. Just click here for more info.

Otherwise, please check out Ask DroneU™. That’s our daily podcast where we answer a question from people just like you.  Your question may already be answered there, so you should check that out first.

You may also attempt to reach us via our Facebook page. We are active there throughout the day.

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